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Kashfi Halford is a film maker, camerawoman, photographer and Drone/UAV pilot. Clients include the BBC, Al Jazeera, The Guardian and the Times.

Chile plans world's largest marine park in Easter Island

A selection of photography work from Easter Island

Chile plans world's largest Marine park in Easter Island

Chile plans the worlds largest marine park to protect the Easter Islands fish stocks. The marine park will encompass 278,000 sq miles of ocean. Under the plan put forward by the Rapa Nui the 3,000 indigenous people of the island, the park would allow only islanders to fish 50 miles out to sea and through a corridor to Sala y Gómez. Protecting the Islands fish stocks from illegal fishing.

"In the pre-dawn gloom in a small harbour on Easter Island, three fishermen fill their boats. Instead of piling nets, they load rocks which they will use to drop a line tens of metres below the swelling waves. The lines will be hauled up hand over hand with their catch, huge yellowfin tuna." Excerpt from Adam Vaughn's article in the Guardian.