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London, SW8 5PZ
United Kingdom

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Kashfi Halford is a film maker, camerawoman, photographer and Drone/UAV pilot. Clients include the BBC, Al Jazeera, The Guardian and the Times.

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A Journey into the Heart of Indian Qawwali Music

It is perhaps natural that music can play such an important role in the mystical journey and in the connection to a divine being. Many religions and spiritual practices use music as a way to connect people to a spiritual realm in a manner that religious dogma can never hope to achieve. For almost 800 hundred years, through the exercise of ‘Sama’ (listening) Sufis around the world have used sound and music as a tool to deepen this relationship between man and the Divine.

The boy who dies if he falls asleep

Despite all the odds Liam is turning 18years old this year. He was only given 6 weeks to live by doctors when he was born. He has Ondine’s Curse (otherwise known as Central Hypoventilation) - which means he stops breathing whenever he falls asleep.

Journey to the Jungle

There is a crisis in Calais, with thousands of refugees making the dangerous journey to Europe, many find themselves in Calais waiting to get to the UK. With no infrastructure, or government funding the make shift refugee camp is over crowded and un-hospitable.

Hempcrete - an ecological alternative to cement

Cement production alone accounts for five per cent of all global carbon dioxide emissions -- that is more than the entire aviation industry. The answer could lie in a field of cannabis plants in Oxfordshire, the UK. Joyce Ohajah follows the process.

Hellensmusic festival

Hellensmusic takes place during May, over four days, at Hellens Manor. Its aim is to showcase some of the world’s greatest musicians, provide them with the opportunity to work together in intimate surroundings to explore new ideas, and to give local audiences the chance to listen to exquisite music in a delightful environment.

Creative Relaxation

Creative relaxation is a technique for integrating relaxation into daily life. It teaches us how to relax our body and mind and achieve a state where we are physically relaxed but mentally more alert.

Fish-i Africa

Illegal fishing is a significant threat to the sustainability of Indian Ocean fish populations. For years, criminal fishers have plundered those waters with little fear of detection or prosecution. But that is changing due to FISH-i Africa, a project that unites seven countries in East and Southeast Africa.

LUSH plays the Oasis Game

What happens when volunteers from Lush Cosmetics meet a community group - The Momentum Project - in the concrete jungle of the Royal Docks, Newham, London to play the Oasis Game? Some truly inspirational community building magic. Watch this film, find out about the community partners -

Al Jazeera Witness 'Mother Courage'

This film offers a fresh perspective from those who know best: mothers. These Israeli women risk their lives monitoring life at the checkpoints in the West Bank. We see them learn to get to grips with their core beliefs, true motivations and fears, in a bold insight into the troubled Middle East.

Medical Aid for Palestinians 'The Silent War'

One year on from the war, Gaza is facing a humanitarian crisis. This film gives a rare insight into the reality of the situation in one of the most closed territories in the world.

Medical Aid for Palestinians 'Medical Referrals in Gaza'

Medical referrals in Gaza are an everyday nightmare for some patients. Medical Aid for Palestinians explores the situation in this film.